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 The Team

Elope vancouver


Meet Holly - Co-Founder, visionary, Event Producer and Master Planner of Pop Up Weddings BC.


Holly has always had a strong drive for design and beautiful things. Whether it be by designing a photo shoot, styling a wedding or even loving the beauty of crisp new office supplies. Her love of putting on events from a young age has given her a unique approach while working as one of Pop Up Weddings planners. Holly loves the challenge of ever changing trends and the flow of ideas from one event to the next as it allows her creativity to change and grow.

Following her artistic inclinations, wandering through a mind full of possibilities, she shares her ideas and visions with you in hopes you will see within each event a unique piece of her personality while bringing along a clients vision to life. Her attention to detail and slight perfectionism are always a source of gentle ribbing from colleagues but is nonetheless always appreciated as she tends to be the "organized" one of team.

 Holly truly believes in love, living with her whole heart, loves to laugh and you will often find her working energetically with a giant smile on her face. Working in this field has been one of the most joyous and fulfilling roles she has undertaken, especially when working with such an amazing team!

Holly cant live without books, tea, tattoos, hair colour, ponchos, shoes and laughter!

Elope BC


Meet Nicole - Co-founder, event coordinator and creative mind behind Pop Up Weddings BC.


Nicole has been in the wedding business for a little over 5 years, inspired and motivated by her desire to live outside the box she jumped on the idea of bringing Pop Up Weddings to Canada. Nicole thrives in exciting and changing environments and is always up for a challenge rarely saying no to a new idea or adventure.  Her most favorite space to decorate is the outdoors. Give her the beach, the woods, an orchard or backyard and magic will happen...


She didn't start out in the wedding industry. With a degree in Criminal Justice and work experience that incudes working with the cities most vulnerable population on the streets on Vancouver, the wedding industry was a gift of a career that fell into Nicole's lap when she searched for a job that would allow her to stay home with her amazing children. VUAWALLA.....The wedding biz presented as a gift from the universe and she picked it up as though she was born for it and hasn't looked back!


Nicole previously owned a vintage wedding company for many years and has gained experience that has been invaluable to creating and managing Pop Up Wedding events.  Nicole's work has been published in multiple wedding blogs and magazines.

When not designing wedding decor, planning & coordinating weddings, styling photoshoots and hunting thrift stores for amazing treasures you will find her partaking in some of her favorite things in life ... YOGA, Sunsets, animal rights, criossants, her cat Autumn and dog Skip, day dreaming about living on a farm with pet cows, wine, tattoo collecting, laughing and family and friends. To Nicole Life is a grand advenutre and she soaks up every moment. 

We work in collaboration with many amazing vendors! Lets get real, we can't do this all by ourselves
to pull off the type of event we want it takes a team!
Take a look at our favorites! You will find them woking along side us at many of our event!
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